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Regardless of the braider you decide to purchase from, look through their items. Look at the tightness of the braid, the smoothness of the product. Look at the way they connect the hardware to the lead. Kangaroo is a very strong leather, however, all leads should be round braided through the hardware and then backbraided for attachment. You do not want two strands of leather holding your snap on. If they have pictures that can be enlarged, you normally can tell a lot about the quality of the braiding (though not necessarily the quality of the leather). If you want beads on your leads, look to see how the beads are secured. If the beads are not secured properly, they will move on the lead over time. The main thing that I would advise against, is purchasing a lead at a dog show. These are mass produced leads and will not last as long as a custom braided lead.

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Why should small dogs have all of the fancy show equipment? We make kangaroo leads and collars for BIG dogs too! All kangaroo items are available in 4, 6 or 8 strand designs.

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